Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ich liebe, aber hasse den Morgen.

I often think that the early morning is the most holy time of the day. As the light of the sun is bursting forth over the horizon, God's glory is revealed. The birds sing a song of praise because the darkness is lifting and the night is finally over. While the birds enjoy every single morning as if it were thier first and last, most people tend to hate mornings. They grumble. "another day at work or school!" People (including myself) wish they could sleep through the morning and wake up for lunch rather than breakfast. But there are those few morning people on our planet. While I think they are a rare breed they do exist. They are the ones who wake up with joy to see the sun rise. It is as if they are the only people whom God as chosen to enjoy the blessing of the early hours before most of the world has woken from its slumber. God has hardened the hearts of the rest of us to want to sleep away the morning hours. We would rather hide under our sheets from these holy hours. Even when we are forced to wake up to see the dawn our hardened hearts complain and dream of the prospect of afternoon naps. It is a vicious cycle. I truly want to be a morning person... but my heart though a little softer, remains hard to the morning air.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Into the Woods

As most of you already know I was recently cast as Jack in the musical "Into the Woods" by Steven Sondheim. The all too well known Jack in the beanstalk is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I can sing the music (which music is usually my problem in these type things) but this time its the character that I am having trouble getting into. Jack is a socially awkward teenage peasant who's best friend is the cow "milky white". I see him as having subtle quirks and a very readable face, yet a big very immature personality. This personality is supposed to develop and mature during the duration of the show. Hmmn... I think I had better learn my lines!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Pride and Joy

The following pictures are from my garden. Seeing as this is my first summer in Alabama in six years, I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to have this garden. I took these pictures while it was raining today after work.
summer squash.

Sunflower (its about 6ft tall)
asparagus beans growing up sunflowers
asparagus beans
the smallest sunflower EVER (the package said they would grow to 17ft tall! More like 3ft!)

More to come!!