Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alas, I write a new Post

After two and a half years of intense music study I am no longer a music major. I dropped music to my minor and made communication studies my main focus. It makes me sad to know that I will not have a degree in music, but I did learn how to sing and how to compose which were my main areas of interest. Truthfully I think its better for me... I tend to get a wee bit prideful when I perform anyway. 
As a tribute to music minordom I have included a video of my favorite tenors singing my favorite song. Enjoy...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

These are the words to a song I wrote about a year ago. I want it to be a choral piece, but I have not had time to write music for it. 

Dark as I was, lost in the world; pleasure was all I seeked. Money and fortune, the longings of man held me in my grave. Dead in sin, my hope was in a crooked fallen world.

Oh how great the day you came to me, and climbed inside my grave. You broke the bonds that held me there and told me of thy grace.

You took my heart, made of stone, and spoke no more than a word. My heart which was - was no more; it was not the heart I knew, for you had taken nothingness and created something new

That grave that I had known as home, I never saw again. Righteousness now fills that hole; death is gone for good.

I will one day be done with sin and look upon your face, to see the one who died for me and sing the glory of thy grace.

I realize it doesnt flow well, but I think I can fix that with the way I stress words in the music. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First Post

In a commentary about Psalm 95, John MacArthur wrote the following:

"The warning here is to those who know the gospel, who affirm its Truth, but who, because of love of sin or fear of persecution or whatever it may be, have not committed themselves to the truth they know is real. It is as if there were a fire in a hotel and they are on the tenth floor. Because there is a net below, the firemen are yelling, 'Jump.' But they do not jump. They hesitate. They are well aware of the danger and they know the net is their only way of escape; but they do not act on what they know is true and necessary. They are concerned about saving some of their possessions, or perhaps they think that somehow they can find another way out. They may be afraid of being hurt from the fall. Some might even be concerned about how they would look while jumping - afraid of embarrassment. But the point is this: Simply knowing about the danger and knowing about the way out of it will not save them. If they do not jump they will die. When your very life is at stake, nothing else should matter."

This may or may not be very relevant to the passage above, but when I read this and it makes me wonder how much do I really commit myself to my own beliefs. There is a since in which I know what is true and I claim to those truths... yet my mind does not abide by them. If you were to ask me, "Do you Richie, believe that God knows your every thought?" I would undoubtedly say yes. Yet I see the sincerity of my answer when I have a hateful thought about a person. If I really believed this would my whole life not be different? I long for this day when sanctification is complete... until then I will continue to thank God for his abundant grace on my soul.