Thursday, October 9, 2008

These are the words to a song I wrote about a year ago. I want it to be a choral piece, but I have not had time to write music for it. 

Dark as I was, lost in the world; pleasure was all I seeked. Money and fortune, the longings of man held me in my grave. Dead in sin, my hope was in a crooked fallen world.

Oh how great the day you came to me, and climbed inside my grave. You broke the bonds that held me there and told me of thy grace.

You took my heart, made of stone, and spoke no more than a word. My heart which was - was no more; it was not the heart I knew, for you had taken nothingness and created something new

That grave that I had known as home, I never saw again. Righteousness now fills that hole; death is gone for good.

I will one day be done with sin and look upon your face, to see the one who died for me and sing the glory of thy grace.

I realize it doesnt flow well, but I think I can fix that with the way I stress words in the music. 

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Ryan said...

nice...I totally don't mean to sound like an ass, but seeked=sought. I think we could totally work this into the rock opera! Itd be great! haha just kidding