Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Sudden Return

Well, It had been just a few months short of a year since I have updated this blog... I know that's sad... but today marks the day of the rebirth of my blogging. Summer usually does that to me for some reason.

I am currently taking summer classes (so that I might graduate one of these days) and I am rehearsing for a musical called “Into the Woods.” Other than that, gardening and work take up all my time. Okay now that you are sufficiently caught up on the life of Richie, on to more fun and interesting things. 

In the past year I have become obsessed with virgin coconut oil. You might say that its an unhealthy obsession except for the fact that coconut oil is one of the most healthy food items EVER. You can cook foods in it, use it in place of butter on bread or popcorn, eat it straight up, put it on you skin like a lotion, or your hair like a conditioner... I use it for everything. The oil is cholesterol free and high in medium chain fats that are really good for you. Coconut oil also contains very high counts of lauric acid which help support metabolism. On top of all this (we will see in time if its true) people say that the oil will actually keep men from going bald and even grow hair back in bald men! I don't know about you guys, but I am prone to go bald and really don't want to... its worth a shot and its good for your body unlike most hair growth products. A friend of mine recently said that what the bible doesn't tell you is that when Jesus healed the blind man with his spit, it was actually not spit but extra virgin coconut oil and the disciples just weren't paying attention when he pulled out the jar. Its pretty much miracle oil. Anyway you should look into it! Peace Out Yo!

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